"finding Wisdom in the Dynamic Equilibrium between Living and Dying"

Education for an Ethical World

"the highest ideal is wisdom"

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Classes this Semester

Professional Program in Bioethics (ETHPT)

The Professional Program in Bioethics offers 3 levels:
Work Force; Badge; and Certificate.  Lecture Topics are available to introduce or develop bioethics in a medical environment.


Work Force Development

Introductory courses are designed to get a professional started in the study of Bioethics.  These courses are hybrid courses (face-to-face & ilearn online platform).  Each course is 8 weeks duration with up to 3 hours weekly of class or online time (equals 3 block hours).


Professional Education Format

All classes will be open to anyone interested in Bioethics.  The professor reserves the right to restrict access to anyone but registered students; however, the desire is for open access to the lectures.

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